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Carl's Jr. Franchising

Be Big

Innovative, premium, quality burgers

Be Better

Growth is a Strategic Priority

Be Bold

Brand recognition is everything

The Brand

At Carl's Jr.® and Hardee's®, our brand sets us apart from the competition. Our advertisements are created to be so bold and memorable that they've been known to crash internet video servers. Our taglines deliver bold statements and our visuals are designed to keep viewers wanting more.

Carls Karcher opens hot do cart in Los Angeles
Carls Jr Charbroiled Burger
Carls Jr logo with $5 All Star Meals background
Carls Jr $5 All Star Meal


FRANCHISEES ARE OUR FUTUREAt CKE Restaurants, franchisees are our top priority; we run the business so our franchisees can be successful.

Carl's Jr. Restaurant Exterior


The Carl's Jr.® development platform allows our franchisees to take advantage of a wide range of real estate sites, to develop for efficiency, and to lower ongoing operating costs.

Carl's Jr. Restaurant Exterior
Carl's Jr. Restaurant Interior Decor
Carl's Jr. Exterior Drive Thru
Carl's Jr. Interior Seating Arrangement