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Development Map

Carl's Jr. operates throughout the western U.S., Canada and the rest of the world. We are recruiting candidates to develop and operate exclusive franchise territories in Canada.

Map of Canada colored yellow and gray. Unavailable territories colored gray, including Saskatchewan, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Greater Vancouver Metro. All other Canada territories colored yellow for available.
  • Map label color: yellow - AVAILABLE Toronto, ON; Vancouver Island, BC; Medicine Hat, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Okanagan, BC; Winnipeg, MB; Greater British Columbia; Alberta; Ontario and the Maritimes
  • Map label color: gray- UNAVAILABLE Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB; Red Deer, AB; Grande Prairie, AB; Greater Vancouver Metro, BC; Saskatchewan

Development Guidelines

Each square foot of the Carl's Jr. restaurant prototype has been engineered for cost, efficiency and ease of construction.

CKE Prototype 1 blueprint floor plan sits 54

Prototype 1 Seats 54

  • Dimensions: 39' W x 66' L x 23'-10' H
  • Site Square Footage: 24,000+
  • Building Square Footage: 2,450
  • Daily Street Traffic (minimum): 20,000 vehicles/day
CKE Prototype 2 blueprint floor plan sits 72

Prototype 2 Seats 72

  • Dimensions: 38' W x 76' L x 24' H
  • Site Square Footage: 30,000+
  • Building Square Footage: 2,925
  • Daily Street Traffic (minimum): 20,000 vehicles/day